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Elegance Granites specializes in catering for project requirements for the construction and building industry wherever granite and natural stone is required for both outdoor and indoor use. We offer a wide range of colors in Indian granites from which architects, builders, and contractors can select. These granites come in finishes such as honed, brushed, polished, sandblasted, flamed, antique among others. Elegance Granites is your ideal home of granites with several colors and finishes.

At Elegance Granites we understand that each project carries different requirements and specifications, knowing this, we ensure we conform to the specific requirement of each client. There is a channel of communication between the production managers and the manufacturing units to ensure the production is carried based on the project specifications. The quality of the final product is checked, monitored and analyzed by our team of experienced and well-trained quality inspectors.

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Special demands from our clients for cut-to-size products are met with our automated lines which include Bridge Cutting Machines and Edge Profiling Machines.

We send photos of production and quality of the products regularly to clients, so that have an idea of how the production is going. This will enable them to assess the product and make any suggestion or observation if there is any.

The quality of our finished product is important for our project orders, and as such we ensure to stick to color and pattern selection of granite, and the range of variation that is specified by our clients. Tolerances in thicknesses, angles, and sizes have to be strictly adhered to within the permissible limits. Then our quality control experts ensure that the production is carried out as stipulated by required quality parameters.

Some of our projects include the use of granite for stairs, skirting, steps, risers, window sills, thresholds, wall cladding, flooring, with a variety of top surface finishes for grooves, mouldings, etc. Also, they can be for outdoor façade slabs and tiles that are used with grooves for dry cladding and lots of other applications. Regatta Exports supplies all products custom finished and ready for installation at site.


At Elegance Granites, we pay as much attention to packaging as we pay to quality. We understand the fact that proper packaging is a way of safeguarding the granites to remain in top shape while they are in transit. If they are not well packaged, it will lead to broken tiles and even alterations in the finished surface which may cause the product not to be suitable for its intended use by the client.

We use durable crates that are made from dry quality wood for packing. These crates are strong enough to withstand up to 1-tonne weight of the product(s).

We make sure that the packing is done well with the edges of the tiles well protected so that it does not chip in the process of transportation from one point to the other. Our wooden crates have a polyethylene sheet lining from the inside and further protected by a layer of foam and thermocool sheets. Finally, the crates are sealed; in this manner, the crates cannot get wet even it rains. The final packaging step is to send a photo of the already packaged products to our clients, especially our international clients to get their approval. Once we have their consent and approval stating their satisfaction with the packaged product, then we dispatch the product from the factory for final delivery. With these, it is guaranteed that our customers will always be satisfied with the condition of the product on receipt.


Quality is checked by both patrol inspection and self-inspection at every stage of the production process. Any material that does not meet the client specification or requirement is rejected without any compromise even if it is the minutest error. We pay attention to detail at Elegance and Granites. Inspectors check all our products to be exported in our quality control department to ensure they are all to size and meet up with what our customers want regarding precision and accuracy.

We are a quality conscious organization, and we give strong emphasis to the highest quality standards. We believe in offering standard quality, exceptional services, and an extensive product range. Our Unique Selling Point is customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and after-sales service. Our products are exported and dispatched only once they conform to our 100% quality checks.

Our manufacturing process is handled and monitored by experienced personnel. Depending on application and specification, we possess the ability to cut the granite to the specific size as desired by the client. We produce granite in various finishes such as mirror-polish, honed, flamed, leather or satin. Our offered tiles and slabs are suitable for walls, floors, and countertops.

Before exporting or delivering our clients, we check them on various quality parameters such as size, sheen, shape, color and texture and cut-to-size materials for specific applications.


Due to a high volume of exports, Elegance Granites has secured bulk freight contracts with the world’s best shipping lines. This implies the lowest possible shipping costs to our customers. All products are stuffed in Wooden Pallets and Stamped. Customs requirements are met by sealing and attaching the packing list to every crate. Once all crates are ready, Container is brought to Elegance Granites Loading Dock. Immediately the container will be checked for its cleanliness and total absence of moisture or dust and cleaned thoroughly by an air compressor. Using a forklift all wooden crates with cargo will be loaded and cross checked. Once the container is ready for closing, its doors are sealed, which is done right at Elegance Granite’s premises. For security reasons, all documents are verified before the container is released to proceed to the port.


We maintain adequately controlled inventory to ensure a short turn-around time in the execution of orders offering the wide choice of various assorting materials.


Timely delivery of products is one aspect we have won the trust of our customers at Exchange Granites. For those who have been doing business with us, they already know how well we do not con promise delivery time; we deliver as at when due. We have a production schedule from the production department that gives the timing and details of when the products will be finished.

The shipment unit works in conjunction with the production department to ensure that our products leave the loading port on time. We provide a periodic update for our customers, so as to keep them in the know on the progress of their product. During this period, customers can as well contact us to find out where and how far their product has gone in getting to the required destination.


At Elegance Granites, all specifications of our clients can be catered for by our high-tech stone processing facilities. We have highly sophisticated manufacturing unit, calibration plant and a polishing plant that is capable of producing items to meet the requirement and precision of any project.

Our machinery and equipment have helped us attain a global reputation for producing top-quality products. The equipment at our factory includes gang saws, filter presses, multi-head slab polishing lines, wire saws, and block cutters.

The vital part of our company is our reliable workforce which includes a team of craftsmen and granite professionals that carry out quality checks on our products. Our team focusses on developing a quality product, ensures timely delivery of the product and also offers prompt after-sales service.

Elegance Granites mainly produces cut-to-size variants in Sandstones, Limestones, Slates, Granites and other natural stones for various applications in home building, commercial and construction industry around the globe.


It is our primary responsibility to enforce and maintain quality control measures at all times.

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We have a system with which we subject our products to undergo a rigorous examination to ascertain their level of quality compliance before they are certified for production and processing.

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We have an inspection team that ensures the quality compliances and check delivery parameters of our materials with regards to each clients’ requirement.

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We have a robust distribution and packaging system on ground to ensure that our clients’ products are not lost in transit as a result of proper packing, crating, and stuffing of dispatch cargo.

Contact us today at Elegance Granites and you will be glad you did.